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What’s The Average Node Js Developer Salary? A Look At The Data For 2022

Last but not least, the future of Node.js developers is bright, so investing in learning this programming language is undoubtedly worth it. There are two certification exams that you can take if you want to score one of many Node.js developer jobs. The first exam is the OpenJSNode.Js Application Developer , where you will mostly learn how to create applications with a focus on Node.js core APIs. Nodejs jobs always require a great team to build a successful application or system. Node.js developers need to design, test, and define how to implement a new program or software. Node.js developers design apps or games, making sure they have low latency and high performance.

Node.js Developer salary

Sometimes, mean stack development is known as full-stack development, wherein integration of both front-end and back-end development comes into play. This makes mean stack a versatile field for many software engineers, web developers, and software developers. According to Payscale, frontend developers make $75k/year, while backend developers make $81k/year. Finally, we have full-stack developer salaries, which average at $97k/year, $9k/year less than Node.js development. You may be wondering how Node.js compares to similar jobs like frontend, backend, and full-stack developer. Full-stack development, in particular, may interest you, as the Node.js experience is identical in many ways.

What Is The Lowest Pay For Node Js Developers?

The first is that Node.js allows you to write in both client and server, which revolutionizes the whole JavaScript process. The second exam is called OpenJsNode.js Services Developer , where you can learn how to create and protect Node.js servers and services. Node.js developers need to be good at collecting and analyzing data. They must also have excellent problem-solving abilities because issues always occur in this line of work, whether they are application or system-related. One of the vital Node.js jobs responsibilities is creating and maintaining the server-side application while keeping it up to date and exciting for users. Node.js is one of the best JavaScript cross-platform environments to execute JavaScript codes outside a web browser.

  • At Datadog, diversity means making a conscious effort to reflect the many experiences and identities of the world outside, while treating each other with fairness and without bias.
  • Last but not least, the future of Node.js developers is bright, so investing in learning this programming language is undoubtedly worth it.
  • You’ll want anyone viewing your resume to be easily taken in by your hard skills and experience.
  • It’s also very closely tied to freelance work, which is far more often remote, which may skew the numbers somewhat.
  • In addition to this, MEAN applies technologies that are open source and highly cost-effective.
  • If you aspire to become a Node.js developer, you need to acquire specific skills and qualifications and have a Bachelor’s degree in any Node.js related areas.

Time is very precious and you need to start thinking about your career in this short period of time. Many of you may look forward to pursuing some short term course  after 12th or you may be looking for higher studies and start preparing for any entrance exam. You have to be specialized in some part which leads you to get a decent job. Overview Businesses are starting to depend on technology for its marketing and sales along with the conventional route. It can increase to $8000 per month depending on the seniority level, experience, and the project. A relevant certification or a degree that can add value to a mean stack developer’s profile is a must take for everyone who wants to grow in the field.

Job Outlook

Node.js took the top spot as the most-used framework spot in 2019 and 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, used by over 50% of its respondents. Popularity fell somewhat in 2021, but it remained the sixth-most popular technology, and job searches for Node.js grew by 57%. Node.js is a backend JavaScript runtime environment — a program that allows you to write both server-side and client-side JavaScript outside of the web browser. Are you interested in becoming a Node.js developer and exploring JavaScript further? This article will answer many of the common questions about Node.js. We’ve also included various stats to help you decide if this is the career path for you.

You likely won’t be working just with Node.js but with the entire server. So if backend or full-stack development interests you along with JavaScript, this may be the right job for you. Whether bringing products to market, working on the legal side or supporting employees with IT, you’re an ally in our mission to empower entrepreneurs — and each other. Award-winning web developer and instructor with 10+ years’ of well-rounded experience in LAMP development, object-oriented and user-centered design, seeks a position with a top technology firm. Tailor your resume to the role.Take time to update your resume as needed for each job you apply to.

Node.js Developer salary

If you’re looking to learn a technology that provides a stable, high-paying job, Node.js would be an excellent choice. Node.js is open source and free on top of everything else, so developers love it, especially JavaScript devs who want to take their coding to the next level. And the people hiring these developers are interested in today’s faster, real-time, event-driven servers, so Node.js developers are in high demand. As mentioned earlier, your skills and level of experience as a developer can speak volumes about you. But another important asset to a mean stack professional’s profile is the ability to stay abreast with the latest technology.

How To Become A Node Js Developer?

Specifically, the average Node.js jobs salary in the US is around $112,500, with an average hourly rate of $57.76. If you’re applying for any Node js jobs, knowing how to create Node.js applications is necessary. There are different types of Node.js applications, and Node.js developers need to know all of them. Also, before applying for a job, make sure you have some familiarity with IoT, Real-Time Chats, Complex-Single Page Applications, and Microservices Architecture. Node.js developers must know how to build fast and changeable network applications. So, if you plan to apply for a Node.js developer job, make sure you’re familiar with everything there is to know before sending your Node js resume.

The demand for full-stack developers is quite high also in start-ups. On average, with 0–1 years of experience, a full-stack developer can expect to earn INR 6–8 LPA, whereas with over 3 years of experience, they can earn around INR 12 LPA in a start up. The salary of a mean stack developer in India varies depending on the skillsets and roles of an individual. In this article, we discuss how much a mean stack developer can earn in India.

All but one source lists the salary as over $100k/year, which is a good sign. JavaScript itself is a scripting language with plenty of potential. It consistently ranks in the top 10 of the TIOBE Index, so it’s a good choice if you want to pick a language with job prospects. Full-time hires and interns make an impact from day one with mentor-driven guidance that get them up to speed and working on real projects. We’ve helped every possible employee transition to working from home, including our friendly knowledgeable GoDaddy Guides. We’re looking for talented, motivated folks to help us support small businesses to adapt and stay open, even if their doors are closed.

Node.js Developer salary

Hopefully, this article helped you understand Node.js and prepare for a career at a Node.js job better. Node js developer jobs entail keeping track of every software code modification in a special kind of database. Node.js professionals need to use code versioning Middle+ Node.js Developer job tools such as CVS, SVN, GIT, Mercurial, and Bazaar. The contract duration can be anywhere between a few months and a few years, with the possibility to be hired for a full-time position or at part time node js jobs after said contract expires.


Now that you are aware of the salary of a mean stack developer in India, why don’t you get ahead and take a certification course in mean stack/full-stack development? The course will help you pick a suitable career as a developer in various domains. It could also prove to be useful if you are looking forward to work in any countries abroad as a web developer or full-stack developer. Opportunities are enormous; you must decide when you want to begin exploring them.

To be hired at a Node.js job, you need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related area, such as computer engineering or information technology. You should also take some development courses that involve algorithms, analytics, data structures, and computer organizations. Developers hired at any Node.js job should master various techniques to help a company protect its data from intentional or accidental destruction, modification, and disclosure.

The web developers who design, create, and execute Internet websites are responsible for the websites we visit, the presents we order, and the news we read. Crampete’s online course on full-stack and mean stack development is one such certification that you can opt for, if you are willing to upgrade yourself as a developer. Certifications make you more qualified and fit for a job; besides they also open up ways for you to increase your income. A mean stack developer with over 3 years of experience can earn roughly between INR 6 and 9 LPA. When Node.js won first place in the Libraries, Frameworks, and Tools category in 2018, it was clear that Node.js developers would soon be in high demand. Missouri and Massachusetts pay higher than the national average salary, with Missouri at $146,250 and Massachusetts at $140,000.

By Team Function

Additionally, Node.js developers perform database maintenance to ensure that applications are up to date and top-quality, thus offering users the best possible experience. Specializing in a job like Node.js development, or anything similar, is often the best choice if you want to get paid fairly for the time you spend learning the tool. On the other hand, if you can build up a successful freelance business, you might find that you’re earning far more than you could have while tied down to a company that pays you a flat rate. Freelancing can introduce somewhat of a wild card to your potential salary. When you get hired by a company, it’s a safer guarantee that your salary numbers will be closer to the average, and you’ll always know you’re getting paid each month. According to data from FullStack Labs, junior Node.js developers earn an average of $86k/year; mid-range developers with 4–6 years of experience earn $99k/year, and senior developers earn $117k/year.

The high demand and low supply here can lead to a higher than average salary and easier obtaining a job. As a Node.js developer, you’ll usually work on the server-side of things, but you’ll likely collaborate with frontend developers. In this way, Node.js development is very much like a more specialized form of full-stack development.

Where you might want to emphasize one skill and ability in one role, another role may call for different skills. In Node js remote jobs, work time is around 20 hours per week because most remote Node.js developers work part-time. You can always check out the Node.js documentation or perhaps pursue the Node.js certification provided by OpenJS.

Faqs About Node Js Developers

Applicants should know some of the most used server-side templating languages, such as Jade, EJS, PHP, and many others, depending on the technology stack. Average Node.js developer salary.But what about similar jobs like full-stack or JavaScript development? And how do Node.js developer salaries look depending on location and experience level?

With over 2 years of experience, a developer can earn around INR 4.3 LPA at Accenture. Cognizant pays around INR 6.6 LPA for developers with 2–4 years of experience. Their vast knowledge and expertise in multiple domains give them an edge over others to explore careers like data science/analytics and big data engineering. Here are some of the reasons why someone would benefit from learning Node.js.

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Find Out The Advanced Python Interview Questions Of 2022

The map() function in Python has two parameters, function and iterable. The map() function takes a function as an argument and then applies that function to all the elements of an iterable, passed to it as another argument. Set() – function returns the type after converting to set. Python allows software developers to change the behavior of a module at runtime.

Both Wheel and Egg are packaging formats that don’t require the compilation of install artifacts. Out of the two, Wheel is the newer one and is considered a standard recommendation for Python developers. Other than being a confident Python user, such a coder needs to use front-end development technologies , use big data tools , and be a strong debugger. Should be skilled enough to see the code she writes as a part of the bigger picture. Specifies a function that will be executed on each object.

Python developer interview questions

Python follows an object-oriented programming paradigm with the exception of having access specifiers. Other than access specifiers , Python has classes, inheritance, and all other usual OOPs concepts. Python’s popularity is skyrocketing due to its ease of use and ability to accomplish various features with fewer lines of code. Python developers are, therefore, in great demand internationally.

Explain The Use Of The ‘with’ Statement And Its Syntax?

Describe the differences between deep copy and shallow copy when writing code in Python. I’m really excited to learn this questions and wholehearted thanks to people who made this possible. All the content is important for interview..thanks for providing such a useful information regarding python.

TIOBE index, it placed third, leaving only C and Java ahead. The language is a go-to-pick for data science and machine learning projects and has a wide range of enterprise applications. All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on You may have noticed when searching for job interview preparation content, most pages display their content in article format. We do things differently here because we believe the best way to prepare for an interview is to view one interview question at a time.

Python developer interview questions

In Python, decorators are necessary functions that help add functionality to an existing function without changing the structure of the function at all. These are represented by @decorator_name in Python and are called in a bottom-up format. Dict() – function is used to convert a tuple of order into a dictionary. If you try to access the local variable outside the multiply function then you will end up with getting an error. Built-in Namespace consists of built-in functions of core Python and dedicated built-in names for various types of exceptions. Global Namespace consists of names from various imported modules/packages that are being used in the ongoing project.

These modules can be used to create text or binary files, update their content, copy, delete, and more. Functions in Python, range() and xrange() are used to iterate in a for loop for a fixed number of times. The difference comes when talking about Python version support for these functions and their return values.

#5 How Does Python Approach Multithreading?

You should also review the job description and the programs the company produces to understand the work they expect you to do. This allows you to respond to questions correctly and make your answers relevant to the job opportunity. When asked to compare two items during an interview, you should begin by first defining each item. This will confirm that you are answering the question the interviewer asked you.

Python developer interview questions

Python lists are efficient general-purpose containers that support efficient operations like insertion,appending,deletion and concatenation. Len() is an inbuilt function used to calculate the length of sequences like list, python string, and array. Python Comments are the statement used by the programmer to increase the readability of the code.

It is created once the package is imported into the script and survives till the execution of the script. Memory for Python private heap space is made available by Python’s in-built garbage collector, which recycles and frees up all the unused memory. Python memory manager takes care of the allocation of Python private heap space. Python is an interpreted language, so it doesn’t need to be compiled before execution, unlike languages such as C.

The most common application of the keyword is in nested functions, where there’s a need to make sure a variable isn’t accessible by the inner function. This is a technical question the interviewer will ask to determine your knowledge of Python. While interviewing for the role of a Python Developer, you can anticipate that most of the questions will be technical. The best way to prepare for this is to review the terms, concepts, and processes used in your profession.

What Is Python?

Python developers need to install the sqlite3 command to create or initiate the database in Flask. Both append() and extend() methods are methods used to add elements at the end of a list. The self variable in the init method refers to the newly created object, while in other methods, it refers to the object whose method was called.

Operational questions should be answered briefly and directly, with little embellishment. The interviewer will likely ask you a follow-up question to explore your processes in more detail. If it is applicable, you can break the process down into discrete steps and describe these sequentially to the interviewer.

  • This will confirm that you are answering the question the interviewer asked you.
  • The interviewer will ask you a follow-up question if they need additional information.
  • To help you prepare for your Python Developer interview, here are 21 interview questions and answer examples.
  • Answering this question properly will demonstrate your qualifications for this position, especially if you are interviewing for a senior programmer or manager’s role.
  • The 10th object in the list that the code attempts to access does not exist, so it will output [].
  • This means that Function and function both are different in pythons like SQL and Pascal.
  • Python’s reverse() and reversed() functions can be used to reverse a list.

It is a free and open-source programming language with clear and straightforward syntax. Python is simple for developers to learn and comprehend because of all these factors. Python is mostly used for general-purpose programming and supports object-based programming as well. Non-local statements allow assigning variables to outer-scope statements that are not global.

Can You Describe The Major Features Of The Python Programming Language?

Multi-level inheritance – a derived class d1 inherits the members of a super-class b1; a child class d2 inherits the data from a base class b2. Inheritance is a way for a class to pass its members (e.g. methods or attributes) to a new class. In this case, a class that contains the original data is called a super-class. The inheriting class is called a child or derived class. Numpy arrays are more convenient since they support both matrix and vector operations.

Let’s say, if the parent class has a method named XYZ then the child class can also have a method with the same name XYZ having its own variables and parameters. In python, adding elements in an array can be easily done with the help of extend(),append() and insert() functions. Some file-related Middle Python developer job modules are os, os.path, and shutil.os. The os.path module has functions to access the file system, while the shutil.os module can be used to copy or delete files. Python comes with some file-related modules that have functions to manipulate text files and binary files in a file system.

Sometimes, the system suggests a way to solve the problem along with the error description. As the name suggests, polymorphism is the ability of a thing to assume many forms. In Python, it refers to using a function for different data types .

Python does not have a problem with it because each process has its own memory. See if your candidate discusses “bottleneck,” “multi-threading,” and “memory management.” Multi-processing, C extensions, or other Python implementations like IronPython or Cython are possible fixes. Regarding memory management, Python does not adhere to thread safety.

When responding to a technical question, you should first define the concept and then describe how it is used or compare it to another item, as requested by the interviewer. You may also want to provide an example to illustrate your answer. This technical question asks you about some of the features of the Python programming language.